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           The engineering company "AQUAENERGY ™", formed in 2011, is successfully working in the field of design and turnkey supply of various water filtration systems, pumping and greenhouse equipment. Thanks to the highly qualified engineering staff, "AQUAENERGY ™" is ready to carry out design and survey works as soon as possible, to provide a technical and commercial proposal to supply, install and commission the equipment produced at the best factories in Europe, the Russian Federation and China, further warranty and post - warranty service.

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Technology consulting

Technologi calconsultingis - a complex of servicesaimedatdesigningtechnologies for the implementation of businessprocesses. The maingoal in thiscaseis the development of solutionsthatwillhelpoptimize the activities of the organizationtomaximumefficiency.


Delivery - a transfer of goods, securitiesorcurrency from the sellerto the buyeron a reimbursablebasis and accordingto the conditions stipulated in the supplycontract. The deliveryismadebytransferring the subject of the contractpersonallyto the recipientorbytransportingitto the deliverypointspecified in the contract. The delivery of the goodsiscarriedoutwithin the termsindicated in the contract, financialpenaltiesareusuallyprovided for non-observance of the deliveryterms.

Turnkey installation

Turnkey installation - thisconceptincludes the performanceby the contractor (supplier) of all works, beginningwith a feasibilitystudy and endingwith the start-up of the entirefacility.


Servicemaintenance - routineservicing: Periodicmaintenance, duringwhich a disassembly of the machineisrequired in accordancewith the instructions for use and the recommendations of the servicecenter.


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